When we doubt that tow a trailer arises:

Can I take it with a driving license “B” (The normal cars)?.
Class B permit is sufficient to MMA* trailers exceeding 750 kg.
In the case of trailers exceeding 750 kg, it is sufficient if:

  • The MMA* trailer is less than the tare weight of the vehicle.
  • The amount of MMA MMA* + trailer vehicle is less than 3.500kg.

In the case of non-compliance with the above conditions requires the card B + E

* MMA: maximum authorized mass.

Should I make an insurance for my trailer?

  • In the trailers of less than 750 kg. They are covered with the same car insurance is notified whenever the company.
  • In the trailers of over 750 kg. If you need a separate insurance.

Identification of a trailer

  • All trailers must wear identification number and die plate.
  • Such numbers must match the technical specifications of the trailer.

What documentation obligations and has a trailer less than 750 kg?

  • These trailers do not enroll.
  • Need a fact sheet issued by its manufacturer.
  • Do not pay road tax.
  • circulate with the vehicle’s insurance, but you must notify the insurance company.
  • must carry a copy of the registration of the vehicle behind.

What documentation obligations and a trailer over 750 kg?

  • These trailers must be registered by the DMV and consequently pay tax and insurance separately.
  • Need a fact sheet issued by its manufacturer.
  • They have two tuition behind: the own red trailer and tractor copy.
  • Must bring light back off.
  • You will pass periodic reviews of ITV.

What to consider when purchasing a trailer?

  • Let this be delivered with the relevant documentation.
  • Having the right card for your drag.
  • That the MMR* towing vehicle allow driving it.
  • You need to take extinguisher.
  • The weight you want to go.
  • The functions to be fulfilled.

* MMR: maximum towable mass, MMA indicates the maximum you can have the trailer to drag.


  • Do not exceed the load kilos.
  • Grease hitch at all points each year.
  • Check the lights when the vehicle towing hitch.
  • Check the tire pressure every six months.


The information contained in this page is based on the Highway Code, but is only a guide.
The responsibility of each is documented on existing laws at all times.
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