In the countryside with your mobile house!

We’ll take road towards the horizon driving it easily and safely, thanks to its lightness.

Within Kenya for 4 people we sleep like kings in their mattresses and comfortable rooms separated by the flysheet that include respirators screens. We will have wardrobes with hangers, installed between rooms, and an awning with windows and using different options. It also has a side roll to feel even outdoors. And if you want, we can attach a large awning which will lengthen our mobile house into our dream landscape.

With the Kenya we will experience the freedom and COMANCHE Spirit within us.

(ES) Para 4 personas

Incluye piquetas

Lona 100% algodón tejido TEN-CATE impermeable

Habitaciones interiores de algodón

Colchones de espuma de alta densidad, con funda acolchada desenfundable de XXXX

Estructura de tubos 100% galvanizados, chasis galvanizado

Incluye rueda jockey, rueda de recambio y nivel

El remolque viene con  ficha técnica y homologación europea

Accesorios: cofre camper, funda portaequipajes, funda parking, soporte matrícula, avancé kenya, toldo playero, suelo avancé, antirobo, freno modelo kenya


Total measurements: Not available Spear: Not available
Box mesures: Not available Jockey wheel: Not available
Axis: Not available Brake: Not available
Tires: 16,5 x 6.5 - 8"; 4-50-10" Swingram: Not available
Tara 180Kg
Material: Not available