MC Camp

Ideal for bikers!

We like to go by motorbike? Well here is the perfect tent trailer because the Mc Camp can be transported by bike or by the smallest of the cars.
With the necessary equipment and a good load!

This is the most recently model introduced and the most revolutionary. This trailer for 2 people will join us on our more daring adventures. We will get a wonderful rest in a comfortable mattress off the ground and will have a large awning with fly screens just rolling the front door. It also includes a table and has high load capacity. If we think it’s not enough for us and we want more this model is available with a wide awning, which provides an extra habitable zone of 6.40 m2. And if we want to cook comfortably, so we can gain a full kitchen that includes two hotplates and a sink.

It’s easy: Go to discover your COMANCHE Spirit!

(ES) Para 2 personas, incluye piquetas

Lona 100% algodón tejido TEN-CATE impermeable, habitaciones interiores de algodón, colchones de espuma alta densidad, con funda acolchada (desenfundable) de XXXX, estructura de tubos 100% galvanizados, chasis galvanizado. Incluye rueda jockey

El remolque viene con ficha técnica y homologación europea

Accesorios: avancé mc camp, baca mc camp, cocina mc camp, funda portaequipajes, soporte matrícula, freno mc camp

Total measurements: Not available Spear: Not available
Box mesures: Not available Jockey wheel: Not available
Axis: 300Kg Brake: Not available
Tires: 4-50-10" o 16.5x8.5-8" Swingram: Not available
Tara 124Kg
Material: Not available