MONTANA Explorer

So easy to erect, without pegging points! Just open it and you have set up the tent! For 4 people, with two double beds in separated rooms. With the Montana Explorer you can experience the sensations of sleep in nature and yet feel so secure and comfortable like at home, thanks to the warm interior that creates its new design and the comfortable slatted bed incorporated. Also should not worry about the luggage, camping furniture or utensils; we can save on the storage space under the bed.   All facilities to depart at any moment, and get our Comanche adventure completely safe.   Now also available in two people version, more place for your adventure!

(ES) Para 4 personas, no precisa piquetas Lona 100% algodón tejido TEN-CATE impermeable, habitaciones interiores de algodón, colchones de espuma alta densidad, con funda acolchada (desenfundable) de XXXX, estructura de tubos 100% galvanizados, chasis galvanizado. Incluye rueda jockey, rueda de recambio y nivel El remolque viene con ficha técnica y homologación europea Accesorios: cofre camper, funda pvc parking, funda portaequipajes, suelo avancé, portabicis, soporte parking, antirobo, soporte matrícula

Total measurements: Not available Spear: Not available
Box mesures: Not available Jockey wheel: Incluida
Axis: 750Kg Brake: Opcional
Tires: 145-13" Swingram: Not available
Tara 295Kg.
Material: Not available