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Not enough place in your car? – storage covers

funda portaequipajes para remolques comanche


If you are “camper” you will already know what we are talking about. And if you still are not, here’s a little trick for your next getaway.

Imagine that you are going camping, already packed “all your stuff”, packed your whole family, and then you load everything and everyone in the car and depart.

In your every year favourite campsite, you set up your tent trailer, organize the beds, organize the family, bikes, backpacks, etc. And then you think: it would be great to have a folding table and chairs, which could be put in front of the tent. Where would sit comfortably to eat, to talk with friends and to spend a relaxing time.

But, although you came to this same conclusion last year, you knew that this year you couldn’t bring it because you simply do not have more space! You have the trailer hitched to the car, the entire boot full with the most important for camping days.

We have also gone through this and here is our solution – Storage covers for camping trailers.


What is a Comanche storage cover?


funda portaequipajes CompactThe storage cover for camping trailers is a white canvas, made of high resistance PVC, Comanche brand.

It has built-in rubber elastic bands so you can load more volume compared to any other normal tarpaulin on the market.

You can store it easily in your trailer, because it’s flexible, very strong, and weigh 2 kg.

In addition, being PVC, it is easy to clean with a wet rag.


How does the Comanche storage cover work?


Imagine that apart from the tent, clothes, food, bikes and everything else you might need, you also want to bring the chairs, the table and the camping furniture.

Everything that does not fit in the car is placed on the roof of the Comanche trailer. You make sure all is properly fixed and you cover it with the storage cover. Now you tie it with the red elastic bands that come with the cover. All the trailers of Comanche, in the inferior part, have installed the hooks that serve exactly for this purpose. You tighten the ropes well and that’s it!

With this simple article,funda portaequipajes montana

  • You will protect all the additional luggage of rain, dust or wind.
  • You save place in your car, carrying more luggage in your COMANCHE for your adventure
  • You save time because you don’t have to play “TETRIS” in your car.


How to know which storage covers fits with your trailer?


In Comanche online shop we have available covers for all models of current camping trailers. To make it easy, they have the same name as your tent trailer, so there will be no confusion. If you cannot find your model, contact us, we sure have a solution for you.

Tel: +34 93 892 10 45

Email: info@comanche.biz

You see, with the Comanche storage covers you will protect the accessories that you carry on your trailer. They will not be seen, they will not be damaged and, most importantly, you will be able to carry everything you need to relax during your holidays.


Take with you everything that makes you feel happy during the holidays. Take the comfort of your home to the campsite!


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