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Storage brackets to save space in your garage

soporte de parking para remolqueFor us, the camping trailers owners, is something to love. Every year bring us a holiday in nature, but with the comfort and security that we can feel at home. Our camping trailer gives us the freedom to start a trip at any moment, and get the best accommodation, that we only can feel at home.

But, what to do with him, when holidays are over, and we cannot travel as we would like? Normally they rest parked at home, in the garage or somewhere, waiting for the next trip.

And, for sure, every time you see your trailer parked, are you thinking about the wasted place there.

And that’s true, a medium trailer can get the place of a car, and not all the people can spend this place…

To help you, and the rest of campers, COMANCHE recommends a simple and clever system, the storage brackets.


How does the storage bracket for trailers work?

The storage bracket it’s a system designed to place your camping trailer on the side, saving a place in your parking. Even for long periods of storage, you can ever remove the wheels of your trailer or the towing bar, and save more place.

As an option, you can also include in your storage bracket a kit of wheels to move them easier. Once the trailer is on the sides, just push them to place it where you want.


How do we fix the storage bracket to the trailer?


soporte de parking para remolques detalle


The COMANCHE camping trailers are ready to be used with the storage bracket.  They have a special fixation on the chassis to fix the” T” legs. In case you cannot see these fixing points, don’t worry, just ask us and we will send you the fixing points with your storage bracket.

As well you have checked the fixing points, now we are ready to install the parking supports.

The storage bracket are conformed by 2 “T” legs, in dip galvanized steel, ready to easily put and fix into the fixing points.  Each leg is designed to enter inside the fixing point and ready to assure with a  “R” .Now be sure to get enough place to move the trailer and operate comfort around them.

Check the trailer is empty of extra weight and accessories to be lighter to move the trailer.

Don’t do it alone, it’s just better to do it with one or two people more, according to the size of the trailer.

Distribute the people at the length of the trailer, and start to lift up the trailer side. At these point you will see the wheel on the air, it’s the strength moment, until the legs of the storage bracket will contact the floor. From now, it’s just to lift the trailer to put it over the legs completely.

And that’s all! If you want, you can remove the wheels and, in case to want more place, put out the tow bar to get more place.


Which storage bracket is suitable for your trailer?



Every COMANCHE camping trailer has his own support; think each trailer has different sizes and weights.

In our website you can find your model, so each storage bracket is named as his trailer tent.  If you cannot find yours, please contact us by mail or calling and we will help you to get yours.

Tel: +34 93 892 10 45

Email: info@comanche.biz

In case your trailer is not a COMANCHE, contact the manufacturer to find the solution.


Think on it the next time you are rearranging your garage, and save space with this clever and simple solution.

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