Who could imagine that this trailer there is a whole house?

We can save the Compact everywhere and when we take it to the adventure we get in front of us a comfortable, fully equipped cottage in one of our dreamed landscapes.


And don’t suffer by driving, the lightweight and innovative design of this model, for 4 to 8 people, we will carry you where your heart leads us with comfortable security.

When you say ‘here we stay’; at the moment you will be enjoying his spacious and comfortable rooms. Two bedrooms separated by a central corridor, equipped with flysheet and two double beds and equipped with a living room.

We can incorporate a large accessory awning with kitchen separator and closet. All the windows are equipped with flyscreens, both the tent and the awning.

What happens if we make a long stay? Where we store clothes, utensils and other stuff? We will have plenty of space in the six storage boxes available in the Compact.

We only need to coupling the trailer to the car and go to the most comfortable of family adventures.

(ES) Para 4 u 8 personas, incluye piquetas Lona 100% algodón tejido TEN-CATE impermeable, habitaciones interiores de algodón, colchones de espuma alta densidad, con funda acolchada (desenfundable) de XXXX, estructura de tubos 100% galvanizados, chasis galvanizado. Incluye rueda jockey, rueda de recambio y nivel El remolque viene con ficha técnica y homologación europea Accesorios: cubeta compact, cofre camper, suelo avancé, funda portaequipajes, funda parking, soporte matrícula, freno compact, portabicis

Total measurements: Not available Spear: Not available
Box mesures: Not available Jockey wheel: Not available
Axis: Not available Brake: Not available
Tires: 5-00-10 Swingram: Not available
Tara 375Kg
Material: Not available